Since 1987, ESCIL has been offering WELL Diamond Wire Saws for your precision cuts.

Our in-depth knowledge of these machines and their applications allows us to offer you the solution adapted to your use, the realization of specific sample holders, the competent and available after-sales service to maintain the performance of your wire saw.

Innovation and Quality

The new 3400 – 3500 – 4500 – 6500 – 7500 saws retain all the advantages of the 3000-6000 -7000 series that have made the success of these precision cutting machines worldwide for almost 50 years, integrating new technologies and superior performance with the best components available on the market for high quality production.

The diamond wire

The patented WELL process consists of a stainless steel wire from Ø 0.10mm to Ø 0.7mm in which diamond particles of different granulometries are encrusted, thus guaranteeing a superior cutting quality and an optimal service life.
The WELL process does not use any binder (chemical/ galvanic) that can cause pollution on the sample, and the operator can therefore use the machine in complete safety.

The available wire diameter/diamond grain size ratios are as follows:

  • 0,10 mm / 10 µ
  • 0,13 mm / 20 µ
  • 0,17 mm / 30 µ
  • 0,22 mm / 40 µ
  • 0,30 mm / 40 µ
  • 0,30 mm / 60 µ
  • 0,35 mm / 60 µ
  • 0,50 mm / 60 µ
  • 0,70 mm / 60 µ

The applications

Wire saws are used in many fields in quality control, failure analysis and materials research, including metallography, electronics, crystallography, dentistry, geology, archaeology, electron microscopy, etc. The wire saw proves to be an extremely versatile tool in a research laboratory.

The materials

Wire saws allow the cutting of all materials and in particular, metals, plastics, rubbers, composites, ceramics, semiconductors, electronic and electrical components, crystals, glass, meteorites, rocks, bone tissue, multi-material samples… Our know-how consists in advising you in the choice of the adapted parameters

The advantages

Cutting is effortless on the workpiece and does not cause heating or structural changes, as the cutting feed rate depends on the nature and hardness of the material. The mechanical deformation of the workpiece during cutting is minimal, due to the small wire size, the choice of the diamond grain size and the low pressure force :

  • The wire cutting technique is material-saving: the small wire diameter minimizes the width of the cutting line and implies a low loss of material, which can be very important when cutting rare, polluting and expensive materials.
  • The cut is smooth and the edges have sharp angles even on hard and brittle materials.
  • The cuts are highly accurate in flatness and parallelism, allowing the production of thin blades.
  • The cut gives a very fine surface finish which reduces the final polishing time when it is necessary.
  • Specimen fixation is easy and requires only gluing or light clamping.
  • The process does not require a cooling system.
  • The liquid used allows the cleaning of the wire. The reciprocating movement avoids fouling.
  • In some cases, cuts can be made dry.
  • The cutting depth of the wire can be adjusted, which is ideal for approaching a defect.
  • The wire saws are autonomous, silent machines that can be used continuously and safely by the operator.

The machines

  • The 3400 and 3500 series saws are designed for precision cutting of small samples and are very commonly used in laboratories because of their small size and their great simplicity.
  • The 4500 and 6500 wire saws are designed for large samples with a passage up to Ø300mm. Despite the fact that they usually work on large workpieces, they are able to make cuts as accurate as the W3000 series if a fine wire is used.
  • The 7500 saw offers the largest capacity of our range of wire saws and can adapt to your most demanding applications.


Our technicians regularly guide you in the use of your equipment, through constant telephone assistance. Our laboratory is at your disposal for any questions you may have concerning the feasibility of cutting your materials. We ensure the follow-up of your equipment by offering you the complete overhaul of your machines after a long period of intensive use.